Embed Youtube Video

Embedding youtube videos

When creating a blog or website, it is important to maintain the content flow as interesting and fascinating for the reader as possible. We use all sorts of techniques to achieve that purpose. Font size and style, paragraphs, punctuation marks, visual depictions or images are all there to convey the intent of the author and help the reader better understand the motivation behind any written text.

In modern times (or you could say, almost from the very beginning) time costs money, so If one wants to attract as many viewers and readers as possible so one can keep on making money through the time readers spend on their websites and blogs, it is natural to only strive to use what’s entertaining, what’s fun to read or even better, see! There goes the biggest motivation for those who like to embed Youtube videos on their websites. Does not matter how well you can write or how good you are at describing breathtaking dusks on the western seashores of Northern California, we would still want to see it. We might imagine it, we might get excited at the stories you tell your friends to look cool, but we still want that proof that you actually visited Italy.

That is why sometime in the 21st century blogging suddenly turned to “vlogging” or “video blogging”. Nowadays, everybody’s got a camera and everybody documents almost every step of their life along the way. So, when you write about yourself or something else on your personal blog or website, you might find it not only useful, but necessary to include some of your best video shots to show off little James Cameron in you. This is where embedding comes in handy.

Embedding is simply a process of sharing videos from Youtube or any other video hosting website on your personal blogs, but the catch is that your viewers will not need to open a new tab to view the video or clicking the video thumbnail will not take them to a gambling website, but instead, they will view the video on your own page, however the source of the playing video would still be coming from the original Youtube video.

How do you embed YouTube videos?

A Simple Guide to HTML instructs us that in order to embed an YouTube video, you simply need to go to that specific video you want to include in your text, below every video on YouTube there is a share button which, when clicked, gives you couple of options where and how you might want to share this video. But one of the options you probably have not paid much attention to in the past is there is on option “”Embed”. To continue, click “Embed” and it will open up an iframe code which you can copy and paste into the html of your own web page (A SIMPLE GUIDE TO HTML). We do not mean to go all computer scientific here, but in the early days of internet it used to be a real struggle to embed videos from different sources, not it all has become as easy and copying and pasting.

Why Embed Youtube Videos?

There are many reasons why you might want to embed YouTube videos. As mentioned above, you might be interested to enhance your storytelling techniques and keep your customers interested, or you might just be setting up a new channel on YouTube and you might want to gather as big of a crowd as you have for your news blogs or personal diaries.

This is the best way for you to actually advertise your or someone else’s work and it costs you absolutely nothing. But probably, the most important reason is hidden in what we characterized with the words of the late, Great Benjamin Franklin: time costs money and your readers want to spend as little time on your website as possible; they all have something to do. They came to you because they need help or maybe they are just your really big enthusiasts, but nobody likes spending any more time than necessary on waiting new tabs open and waiting for YouTube to load. We want to see but with a single click. This is what Embedding was created for: it’s simple, it’s easy and it’s super-fast

The Devil is in the Details

If only this could be a little less true. When browsing internet, billions of things can catch your attention for a few seconds and your mind might never ever go back to it again, but the art of storytelling is powerful and it has a way to influence you through the magic of visual entertainment. Which is why when promoting a business or describing a story it is necessary to always pay a great attention to the details such as the place and time you are embedding videos on your blogs.

Imagine someone opens up a link of your news blog you shared on Facebook couple of seconds ago and he sees that the article starts with an embedded video that already carries the title of the event that happened. You get the gist or the main idea what all the fuss is about. So, you decide to press that sweet “Play” button and there you go – few minutes of modern technology occupying your brain. But you completely forget there was an article below that video explaining the further details of the event but you are not going to read it now that you have seen the video.

So, if you want your viewers, keep the Embedded Video Resolutions high and bright and with catchy thumbnails, make sure they are placed in the beginning or the center of the blog. But if you want your friends to first read the story and then see that beautiful video of breathtaking dusks in northern California we talked above, just move the video to the very bottom.


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