What is a Word Counter tool?

Word Counter is a tool that enables its users to count and calculate the number of words, symbols, characters, pages, etc. in a text. Word counters are available in Microsoft Word Office documents, and at the same time, word counters come in a web-based format, which is quite handy and easy to use online. That online tool can also help its users to calculate the total word, letter, or character count, paragraphs, and sentences for the text either uploaded in the platform or entered in the input box.

Why Word Counter is important

Much more than a number, a word counter tool can help you determine the number of words and other characters in your content. Word counter is extremely helpful and essential to use, whether you are writing texts, articles, blog posts, or other digital marketing assets. As it is known, there are some limits for writers who create content. You should be aware that the content length affects everything starting from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to audience actions; That means you should find out what you can do to make the most of your word count in texts. Moreover, the word counter tool is necessary as it helps you choose and keep your readers. For instance, if you write a long novel, approximately 100,000 words long, then there will be readers to whom your content may not appear suitable (only because of the word count). Besides, readers' examples also include children who are mostly interested in the novels but cannot read because of the high word count used in your text. If your text appears too big, then you know you have a problem since you automatically exclude some people.

In contrast, if you have a low word count in your text, then your work will appear far more suitable for some readers and not for others. Of course, you have to make it as concise as possible, and it is vital when writing anything. However, you have got the risk of it appearing too thin as well. Word count is also important for students who have to write assignments in a limited number of words; At the same time, word counter tool is handy for teachers who have to check whether their students overused the words in the assignments or followed the writing requirements. To avoid such "simple" problems like word count, you should always use a word counter tool either in MS word document or in one of the web-based, online tools.

How to count words and characters in MS Word

Microsoft Word is a word processor that enables users to type unlimited words in the MS word document. Microsoft Word document has different features that make writing even more accessible. One of the essential characteristics of MS word is a feature of counting and calculating the words in a document. Besides, word counting, MS word gives access to its users, counts the characters, symbols, paragraphs, and pages. As mentioned earlier, knowing the word count of the text is extremely important for any writer, student, or business owner who creates content.

The use of a word counter in MS word is easy and handy. Below, there are listed several simple steps that will help you to count and determine words and characters in Microsoft Word document.

At first, you need to open a blank document in Microsoft Word Office. If you have already written text and wish to know the number of words used in your paper, you can click on the "File" button, then click "Open" or "Upload" buttons. Once you click any of these buttons, a pop-up window will appear to give you access to your desktop to choose the particular document.

However, if you are starting to write the text, open a blank document in MS Word, type the text, and click the "Review" tab. After that, you have to go to the "Proofing section" to click the "Word Count" button. Once the "Word Count" pop-up window opens, it will show you the numbers of characters and words in the document, with and without spaces. As soon as you see the result of counted words, click the "Close" button to close the "Word Count window."

How to count the number of words in the online Word Counter

The Word Counter tool, as mentioned before, is incredibly handy, convenient, and easy to use for calculating words and other characters in a text. The word count platform provides its users almost instantaneous results as it can show the word count for the number of words, letters, pages, characters, sentences, and paragraphs. The word counter can also be used as a character count tool to perform word count for the following document formats, such as the Portable Document Format (PDF), Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Adobe InDesign, and others.

To use the online Word Counter, you have to copy the text right from any file types (including Google docs, MS Word, etc.). It is also possible to copy from the websites or blog posts. Once you copy, paste the text into the input box of the online Word Counter tool. In addition to the features of the word counter mentioned earlier, the online Word Counter tool can help calculate your text to determine the number of words, even in a paragraph. The online word counter can count the total letter count for an essay, article, novel, or thick books. It is worth mentioning that there is no limitation or requirement for the number of words, characters, and symbols to insert in the online word counter tool's input box. That means, you, as a user of this online tool, are entirely free to use as many words as you would like to count. Also, the online word counter tool can be handy if you have a specific limit to the number of words that are allowed for your article, content, or blog post that you are working on.

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